Management Services
Carole A. Gilano Cayer CMD, CCAM, Real Estate Broker
                                           Full Service Management for Your
                                  Homeowner Association
                                                Financial Management
                                                Contract Negotiations and Vendor Relations
                                                Emergency Services 
                                                Maintenance Repairs and Replacements
                                                Board of Directors Services
                                                Staff Supervision
                                                Homeowner Relations
                                                Risk Management

Management Overview
For new accounts, I perform an initial evaluation review of the Association´s internal systems, including maintenance and financial procedures. I verify that all the required service has been performed and the reports i.e. reserve study, year end financial statements, are on file. If any of the required documents are not present in the Associations files, I will assist the Board in procuring the missing materials. From there I am able to correct deficiencies in the operation of the Association. I am able to track everything by parceling my time effectively and contracting services with professional vendors who are experienced with Homeowner's Associations. My part time assistant helps me with routine administrative tasks like filing and computer work.
Financial Management
The book keeping for your Association will be performed by either CAF or CFM; both are professional bookkeeping companies who specialize in Association Financial Management. They provide easy to read monthly financial reports complete with budget comparisons that detail the Association´s financial position. If a homeowner has a question about their account they can call the one of the bookkeepers at CAF or CFM and expect prompt assistance from a person and not an automated machine.
Each month, the homeowners receive their Assessment Statement with a return envelope so they can mail their payment directly to First Bank. Homeowners may also choose to have their bank account automatically debited. Our book keeping team is diligent in the collection of delinquent assessments and prepared to engage the services of collection agency whenever necessary.
Financial Services:
  •   Prepare annual budget
  •   Collect and process HOA dues
  •   Review and pay invoices as authorized by the Board of Directors
  •   Provide monthly financial reports
  •   Pursue collection of delinquent accounts
  •   Provide financial records to the CPA for annual audit and tax preparation
  •   Update the Reserve Study
  •   Implement Special Assessments
Emergency Services and Repairs
I am easily accessible to my clients as I carry my cell phone and pager with me 24/7.  For non emergency service, I typically respond the same day and definitely within 24 hours. For emergencies, I can be reached immediately via my emergency pager.
Contract Negotiation and Vendor Relations
Re-negotiating vendor contracts on an annual basis is critical in achieving cost savings for your Association and ensuring value and service. My goal is to achieve the best price for services without compromising quality. I have an ensemble of vendors who perform quality work and are courteous and trustworthy.
Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements
To run the building efficiently, a maintenance matrix will be developed for your Association which lists the maintenance schedule of all the major components of the building. This data is loaded on the PDA so it is available to me at all times.
Expect a prompt response for these services:
  •   Receive maintenance requests and provide follow up
  •   Make routine inspections of common areas
  •   Provide general oversight of the vendors to ensure the work is performed on     time and on budget
Board of Directors Services
Often the Board of Directors is over worked and under appreciated. My job is to provide support to the Board and implement systems so the Association runs effectively. I work with an experienced group of lawyers, accountants, and other vendors who can provide guidance to the Board and accomplish the Association´s goals. It is my responsibility to coordinate Board Meetings and keep the Board informed of pertinent issues, new regulations and civil codes.
Staff Supervision (for Associations with employees)
I utilize the services of Prime Pay for employee payroll administration. I am experienced with Union Contracts, calculating and paying health insurance, pension benefits and tracking vacation and sick time accruals. I also make sure that the San Francisco business payroll taxes are paid and the Federal, State and local law required employee signage is current and posted on the employee bulletin board. I am the point person for the annual Union and Workers Compensation audits. With the help of the Association´s dedicated employees, we coordinate quarterly fire drills, order office and maintenance supplies, uniforms and make sure the building is clean and running smoothly. Weekly meetings keep the line of communication open between me and the staff and I am able to respond to the staff´s needs in a prompt and personal manner.
Homeowner Relations
A group email will be set up for your Association to quickly disseminate information to the homeowners and reduce mail costs.  Homeowner remodeling projects, move in/out are coordinated through my office and may require periodic site visits from me to ensure compliance. Working with homeowners to identify their needs and advising them of their responsibility in advance, is key to preventing misunderstandings and potential violations. I strive to provide superior service for my clients.
Records and Correspondence
  •   Maintain the Association´s financial records and files
  •   Maintain current homeowner roster
  •   Maintain files on each owner
  •   Provide building common area keys and remote controls to homeowners for       purchase
  •   Provide escrow demands, condo questionnaires and sales disclosures for a       fee
  •   Provide vendor referrals to homeowners
Risk Management
I make sure preventative measures are in place to ensure a safe work place by inspecting equipment and repairing or replacing it when necessary. If there are employees at the property, I meet with them to discuss effective and safer ways to accomplish tasks.
Services to Protect the Property Against Risk
  •   Assist is securing insurance coverage for the building
  •   File claims on behalf of the Association whenever necessary
Carole Gilano-Cayer
Carole Gilano-Cayer
CCAM, CMD, Real Estate Broker